Mariusz Stokowiec Polish artist, gallerist and collector was born in Europe (Luban Slaski) in 1971. He arrived in Greece in 1988 and choose the island of Santorini - where he has been based ever since - for it's stunning beauty and volcanic energy. His inclination towards art and architecture found an outlet in building and decorating, particularly in making furniture and remodeling interiors in the traditional Cycladic style,his art gallery is one of the liveliest and most active in Santorini. His paintings and sculptures have been sold all over the world since 1992. 
In 2002 he designed to open air cinema of Fira, a beautiful yet functional building in the outskirts of Fira town.
He owns galleries in Europe and contributed in many private and public art collections. From 2011 his Gallery meet famous works of art from different artists, such as, Philolaos, Costa Coulentianos,Christos Karas , Giorgos Lambru , Fhilippe Scrive , Giannis Pappas , Fanny Ferre,Memos Makris,K.Loukopulos. Papaxristos Andreas,Giorgos Georgiadis,Gabriella Simossi,Yannis Gaitis. A specially designed room offers the opportunity to privately enjoy your favourite piece of art and imagine it in your space.